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Breakthrough in energy saving with the help of Nanotechnology.


Hydromx® is an innovative liquid for cooling and heating systems based on nanotechnology. Nanoparticles provide a fluid with a radical improvement in the absorption and release of heat in relation to water. This feature provides significant savings in energy consumption for cooling and heating systems.



is currently the only proven approved long-term stable Nano fluid for cooling and heating systems on the market.


consists of the exact correct liquid composition to maximize energy transfer, to offer good frost protection and to stop corrosion, lime and contamination. This provides operational management to a higher level of efficiency.

When using Hydromx®, the capacity of heating systems increases, the service life is extended, less maintenance is required and large energy consumption can be saved. With the exception of control optimization, it is not necessary to change existing systems.


has been shown in installations that have been running for more than 10 years. There are reference places in different parts of the world. The product has recently become available in the Netherlands. Hydromx® is currently the only proven approved long-term stable Nano fluid for cooling and heating systems on the market.

Technical explanation

The improved "performance" of Hydromx® heating is caused by high turbulence and strong convective flow in the liquid. The thin laminar boundary layer and the large contact surface of Hydromx® also contribute to the high heat transfer. In Hydromx®, the colloids (very small particles) move very dynamically when atoms and molecules intersect and Hydromx® shows virtually no pressure reduction. A concentration of less than 1% of colloids is already causing a remarkable improvement in energy supply through a sharp intensification of the turbulence.









Nanotechnology can be part of the solutions to many of the global societal challenges.

The energy and environmental sectors are clear winners when it comes to the use of nanotechnologies, but also sustainable cities and a demographic change are areas where nanotechnology can provide solutions.

Below are some examples of applications.


Office and Residential Properties

Hydromx reaches steady state much earlier than water and has always transferred more energy in both cooling and heat with up to 35% energy savings.

Warranty of 20 years.

ROI without contribution of 3 years.

Sports arenas and Sim halls

Examples of recreational facilities in the USA
12 tonnes of Hydromx installed throughout the plant, including three chillers (Macquay and Alarko Carrier) and four boilers (Viessman).

The club reports an average energy saving of between 30 and 32% over 2 years.

Industries including paper mills.

Right now Hydromx is being installed in a couple of paper industries in Turkey and the USA. We can report soon. We will return with updated information on the result that looks very promising.

Data centers


A total of 27% energy savings

Return on Investment (ROI) 1 year 1000s hours more Free cooling

The compressor run time is cut by an average of 46%, which increases the life of the equipment.

Annual savings in each CRAC unit of 65,000 kWh energy forecast, which corresponds to the emission of 29 tonnes of CO2

Some of all references on Hydromx.

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Switching to Hydromx as a cooling / heating medium is an extremely good idea.

Not only do you save a huge amount of money, you also get completely non-toxic products that contribute to a better environment.

More and more companies are switching to Hydromx internationally.

It's no wonder Hydromx lasts much longer and reduces energy costs by up to 35% / year.

In other words, it is quickly economically sustainable to change and the repayment period becomes short.

Contact us for a quote and ROI calculation

Examples of grants to apply for the investment

In the Nordic countries there are similar grants to apply from the Swedish Energy Agency. Within the EU, energy grants can be applied for up to 50% of this type of investment.

In Sweden, we start with an energy mapping that we can assist with, then an improvement plan and budget for the effort.

We will develop a complete solution for each country during the autumn.


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