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Know the performance – maximise the efficiency

ClimaCheck is a cleantech company with a unique method for analysis of cooling and heating processes, with the objective of optimising the functionality and daily operations of heat pumps, refrigeration and air conditioning systems. ClimaCheck’s proven solutions increase energy efficiency considerably, and often lead to energy savings of 10-30% – whilst also contributing to increased plant reliability, reduced equipment wear and lower operating expenses.

ClimaCheck’s innovative solutions bring benefits to owners, contractors, consultants and manufacturers of all types of air conditioning and cooling systems in industries like the food industry and the retail sector, properties and buildings, and manufacturing.

How much did other save – case studies!

What can ClimaCheck do for your business and our climate?

The method that helps you to reduce energy costs and negative environmental effects – resulting in more satisfied customers!

15-20% of the world’s total energy consumption is used for cooling and air conditioning. Cooling compressors are used everywhere for cooling of food and provisions, air conditioning, heat pumps and dehumidification. For store- and property owners, the costs for cooling are often hidden in the electricity bill but it often represents 40-60% of the total costs. The absolute majority of cooling systems do not function as efficiently as they should, with higher energy costs and increased CO2 emissions as a result. In order to decrease energy consumption there is a need to know how the equipment works.

Good analysis and troubleshooting methods are the foundation to optimise operations and minimise shut-downs and business interruptions. With The ClimaCheck Method – a proven, tested and award-winning method, you can measure the performance of air-conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems in a cost-effective manner.

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ClimaCheck onsite is a well proven platform to validate performance and troubleshoot refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems. Tens of thousands inspections has been made with this very robust and flexible system. ClimaCheck software will give you all the information to analyse virtually any compressor driven refrigeration process.

Key information available (in 30 minutes from a standard system) is:

  • COP, EER, kW/ton
  • System Efficiency Index (SEI)
  • Heating-, cooling capacity and power input, (volt, amps and power factor)
  • Energy consumption
  • Superheat and subcool
  • Compressor isentropic efficiency
  • Evaporator efficiency – Mean temperature difference – UA value
  • Condenser efficiency – Mean temperature difference – UA value
  • Cycle efficiency
  • Water/Air temperature in and out of condenser, dT, flow
  • Water/Air temperature in and out of condenser, dT, flow
  • And many more parameters

Information are presented in flow chart and available as tables and graphs.

ClimaCheck online

ClimaCheck online combines the benefits of the ClimaCheck Method and the “cloud”. Using ClimaCheck online to continuously analyse and monitor performance of your cooling units, air conditioning units and heat pumps (HVACR-system). Makes it possible to optimise performance, decrease energy consumption and work with predictive maintenance.

The information can be presented in many levels from a System Efficiency index (SEI) dashboard to an in depth analyses for extensive troubleshooting and fine tuning of the system.

ClimaCheck concom is a cost-effective communication module for condensing units and chillers to ensure efficiency and reliability in convenience stores, gas stations and commercial kitchens.

The perfect solution to get full control and decrease service and energy cost for smaller systems with standard controllers that already have data points installed. If data points are missing these can be added directly to the communication module for plant optimisation, troubleshooting and benchmarking.

ClimaCheck concom is developed to bring data points and alarms available in standard controls to ClimaCheck online cloud based services. In one cost-effective solution ClimaCheck concom integrate:

  • Alerts/alarm handling over text and E-mail  to multiple recipients through built in modem – ClimaCheck early warning of deviation in performance often long before failures and energy bills increase – contractor can do all analyses from office and identify problem before going to site.
  • Temperature monitoring and logging of cold rooms, display cases and rooms
  • Indirect leak detection – reduce number of required leak detection visits
  • Energy monitoring and reporting for owners.

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