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Hydromx® is the next generation of heat transfer fluid that generates energy savings

up to 35% and offers complete system protection without any chemical maintenance.

Hydromx® has proven to be a Technology that meets future needs for efficient energy savings in existing and new systems.

Tests and studies from universities over a ten-year period of boiler / cooler installations show clear measurable energy savings of 25-35% per year. Reduced wear on pumps, increased service life of heating / cooling equipment.

Hydromx® test period over 10 years has given many reference installations.

Hydromx® is gaining great interest as an energy efficient and revolutionary technology every day that passes.

The effects of global warming are widely known.

Hydromx® an efficient, inexpensive solution and with long durability. Guaranteed 20 years in installed systems without any maintenance except traditional maintenance where drained water is replaced with the corresponding amount of Hydomx.

Hydromx® limits CO2 Emissions with up to the same savings as energy savings. Which leads to more saving effects than pure energy savings.

Hydromx® is used worldwide: the expected increase in carbon dioxide emissions will decrease to 40% instead of the forecasted 56%.

The fact that nanotechnology is an enabling technology with potential solutions in several areas makes it interesting for most industries.

In the energy field, for example, nanotechnology has good conditions for streamlining capture, storage, transmission and use of energy.



Briefly on Nanotechnology.

Quote from SWEDNANOTECH is Sweden's umbrella organization for nanotechnology players and was formed in 2010


In 2023, we have a society where nanotechnology is integrated into products for a better, easier, stronger and safer everyday life.

Sweden has a leading role in Europe in research, innovation, companies, infrastructure and exports. We have been driving to develop good regulations and safe management of nanoscience, nanotechnology and nanomaterials.

Through "Safety by Design", nanomaterials are evaluated for each application area so that safe use is built into products and services already at the design stage.

The concept of "Nano Inside" serves as a quality mark that signals safe and responsible management of nanotechnology.

What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary research area in subjects such as materials science, mechanics, electronics, biology and medicine.

The technology is about exploring and using atoms and molecules to design new materials, components or systems with improved or new properties.

Nanotechnology is called atomic noise because the researchers build things that are sometimes only a few atoms large (an atom is about 0.2 nanometers in diameter).

A nanometer is one millionth of a millimeter, or one billionth of a meter. In comparison, the diameter of a hair beam is about 50,000 nanometers. To illustrate the size of a nanoparticle, you can imagine a football and the globe. The size of a nanoparticle relates to the size of a football, the size of a football to the earth.

Nanoparticles are usually defined as a particle with a size between 1-100 nanometers. In addition to man-made nanoparticles, there are also a number of naturally occurring nanoparticles.

For more info on Nanotechnology in Europe https://swednanotech.com/


Hydromx® is currently the only proven approved long-term stable Nano fluid for cooling and heating systems on the market.


consists of the exact correct liquid composition to maximize energy transfer, offer good frost protection and to stop corrosion, lime and contamination. This provides operational management with a higher level of efficiency.


This provides operational management to a higher level of efficiency.

When using Hydromx®, the capacity of heating systems increases, the service life is extended, less maintenance is required and large energy consumption can be saved.

With the exception of control optimization, it is not necessary to change existing systems.

Large area of application within Heating and Cooling

Easy installation

Guaranteed CO2 reduction by up to 35% / year

20-35% Energy saving / year

Long service life, 20 year warranty

Grants up to 50%

ROI of 3 years without contribution


Nanofluids have been considered applicable as advanced heat transfer liquids for nearly two decades, because they have better suspension stability compared to solid particles in microns, can flow smoothly without clogging the system and provide improved thermal and physical properties.

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“With the products from Hydromx, you show that your company is at the forefront of the shift towards renewable energy solutions” and Energy Efficiency.

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