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Plumbing Solutions Solution:
"We do this by developing our business model with partner companies that have complementary products and services that create a complete and hassle-free solution for the customer."

We work with the following companies and products to ensure the best results for a Hydromx® installation:

Air conditioning, heat pumps and cooling machines use 20% of the world's electricity - and the proportion is increasing!

30-60% in real estate.

The savings potential is often 10-30%

We guarantee an Energy saving of 30% +

NASA looks at the earth from the outside

Just like NASA, we view your systems from an outside and in perspective and by measuring, documenting, responding, acting in a timely manner, you and your business save a lot of money and reduce unwanted downtime.

By optimizing the systems by cleaning and adding Nanofluids you get a maintenance-free system and with the right

Measuring tools can optimize your refrigeration and heating system for the right needs and with minimum consumption. It provides savings of up to 30-50% of your energy and operating costs.

Servicification - HVACR lags behind
Increased focus on efficient use of energy!
Trend report, 92% feel that they have control over their energy use ...
“Business as usual” is changing. After the Corona shutdown, Energy Efficiency is a great way to manage your resources.

Business as usual” in real estate!

Heat pumps, chillers and air conditioning
- Lack of optimization
- High energy consumption
- High service costs, low reliability and breakdowns
- Impaired productivity, loss of goods, canceled operations, dissatisfied housing / customers, etc.

New methods, new opportunities "To measure is to know"

- Begin measuring and analyzing data
- Changes "Business as usual"
- Energy optimization - Short ROI
- Predictive maintenance - Operational safety
- Monitoring of: - Performance - Energy consumption - - Early warnings
- Benchmark

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